May 16, 2003

Managing Journalists

A well-written perspective on the blight affecting the New York Times'
journalism. We must keep in mind that there are always crooks and charlatans
among us, including within the journalism profession. It will always be so.
Management's job is to root them out. I think the Times is trying to do so,
but its management has been somewhat lax in laying out all the blame.

Journalists claim and strive to be objective. Because they are human that goal
cannot always be achieved. There are always biases that shade what's reported
as well as the choices about what's not reported. The biases are miles away
from falsehoods, however.

We readers must approach warily what is written for our consumption.
Management of journalists must be ruthless when the issue is dishonesty
otherwise readers will go elsewhere.

Continue to keep a sharp eye out!

May 14, 2003

Reason Prevails

Attempting to bring suit for damages against the gun industry is based on the same principle that would allow suits against restaurants because people eat too much. The jury has found correctly. The fact that these lawsuits are not thrown out when filed is a disgrace to our system of jurisprudence. Why is this nonsense allowed to proliferate?

May 6, 2003

Go Quietly, Sen Byrd

A cheap shot from Senator Byrd, the WV Pork senator.

NYTimes 5/6/03
--Questioning the motives of a ``desk-bound president who assumes the garb of a warrior,'' Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd reproached President Bush for flying onto an aircraft carrier last week to declare an end of major fighting in Iraq.

May 1, 2003

Heroes, All

"A total of 16,500 sorties were launched from the Lincoln deck as part of three separate Pentagon missions - the operation to patrol the southern no-fly zone in Iraq, the military's efforts in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. No aircraft or Navy personnel were lost in the sorties."

This is an incredible record for a team of America's best.