November 14, 2013

Review & Outlook: Escape From ObamaCare -

Review & Outlook: Escape From ObamaCare -
"The Affordable Care Act appears to be misfiring in every imaginable way, and Democrats are having second thoughts about serving as human shields for White House ineptitude. If they really want to make amends, they'll join Republicans in trying to repair some of the damage they caused."
The chaos that is ObamaCare is the direct result of failed leadership from TeamObama. Rep. Pelosi and Senator Reid have not stepped into the breach to repair the damage that their policies have caused. This failure is far more than a troubled website. It's the result of tinkering ineffectively with America's healthcare system and negatively affecting the lives and destroying the trust of Americans. This is a very big deal because it's so personal.

The real problem to be solved is the cost of America's healthcare and how to reduce it. This problem receives scant political attention.

This is an opportunity for Republicans to seize the advantage. I will watch keenly to see if they have a viable alternative.

Mr. Blow at the NY Times sums up the TeamObama catastrophe here.

November 12, 2013

Himmelstein Shumlin and Vermont Single Payer | Single Payer Action

In case you missed it...

Himmelstein Shumlin and Vermont Single Payer | Single Payer Action: "“No, no,” Himmelstein said. “I’m actually just saying what’s true. And that is, you can have a publicly financed program, and as Deb [Richter] said, it won’t be single payer. It will be enormous progress. But let’s not confuse it with single payer because you will give up much of the advantage of the single payer program.”
“Let me just say, I agree with you,” Shumlin told Himmelstein. “But I’m going to try to get the waivers to get everybody [in Vermont] in the pool — everybody. I want everybody in the pool.”"
“That of course will take an act of Congress,” Himmelstein answered.
“That’s right,” Shumlin said. “But if you help me get rid of those Tea Party nuts in 2014, I’ll get it done.”

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