July 30, 2012

Works and Days » California: The Road Warrior Is Here

A gloomy outlook for California by Victor Davis Hanson. Can anyone say he depicts the situation there erroneously?
Works and Days » California: The Road Warrior Is Here: "Sometimes, and in some places, in California I think we have nearly descended into Miller’s dark vision — especially the juxtaposition of occasional high technology with premodern notions of law and security. The state deficit is at $16 billion. Stockton went bankrupt; Fresno is rumored to be next. Unemployment stays over 10% and in the Central Valley is more like 15%. Seven out of the last eleven new Californians went on Medicaid, which is about broke. A third of the nation’s welfare recipients are in California. In many areas, 40% of Central Valley high school students do not graduate — and do not work, if the latest crisis in finding $10 an hour agricultural workers is any indication. And so on."

July 11, 2012

SS United States May be Partially Restored

WSJ story today suggest a new life for the SS United States which still holds the speed record for and Atlantic crossing.

Carol and I sailed to Europe, landing in Bremerhaven, on my first Army active duty posting in Bad Kreuznach, Germany with the 8th Signal Battalion. It was a fast trip and we even brought our dog who enjoyed his own 'poop' deck.

It was a fast crossing with brief stops in Southampton and Le Havre. We encountered one storm during dinner which tossed people, chairs and dishware to the deck.

A few years ago we were in Philadelphia I noticed the ship in the harbor and wondered what would become of her. Glad to see that she may have a better future than the scrap yard.