January 12, 2015

Media Cowers in the Face of Radical Islam

We are both enthralled and dismayed with the radical Islamist terrorist attacks in France. The TV  talking heads do their best to help us understand today’s reality but meander in it. Will they promote the anti-Islamist meme or be cowed by fear of retaliation?

Good effort initially by most, but missing the long view. Radical Islam, perhaps co-opting the 1.6 billion mainstream adherents of Islam, intends to create the overthrow of the longstanding paradigm of nation states, democracy, and the rule of law divorced from religious ideology.

So far the media has chosen to refrain from ‘offending’ Islam probably out of fear for themselves and their employees. Has freedom of the press and speech been co-opted by Islamic crazies? If so, cowardice has trumped freedom and western civilization is threatened by their lack of courage. For sure, journalism is a risky business and those who practice it faithfully buy into those risks

Western civilization must understand that their worldview and way of life  is under attack by radical Islamists. The media and press must stand and speak against this threat if they believe in democracy and the underpinnings of Western civilization. Otherwise they fail us as an institution of demcracy.