January 30, 2004

Editorial Observer: Will We Remember 2004 as the Year of the Dean Bubble?

Editorial Observer: Will We Remember 2004 as the Year of the Dean Bubble?

A 'right on' piece that portrays Dean for what he is, a manipulated ego with an appeal to the Internet crowd. The comparison of his campaign (the Trippi campaign) to the dot com bubble is apt. What we've seen is not the real Dean, It's Joe Trippi's portrayal of Howard to the Internet cognoscenti. Dr. Dean personally, IMHO, has not a clue about the Internet.

He is not presidential timber.

ABCNEWS.com : Document: Saddam Supporters Got Oil Deals

Follow the money! If this information is correct, the next question is what actual profits were made by the people involved? If these vouchers were given, it's a sure sign that France and Russia's opposition to the war was not principled, but based on financial considerations. Absence of Germans is interesting.

January 28, 2004

Iraqi govt. papers: Saddam bribed Chirac - (United Press International)

If this charge is true, that Chriac's team accepted payoffs to oppose intervention, I have an even bigger reason to boycott French products and all things French.

January 1, 2004

Military Analysis: Giving Up Those Weapons: After Libya, Who Is Next?

A fair assessment of the likelihood that Iran will be the next country to give up it's WMD program.

Democrats’ Plan for Early Nominee May Be Costly

This analysis reads more like a plea for help within Democratic circles with quotes from notable Dems that 'everything will be OK.' I fail to see the clear Democratic agenda as this campaign unfolds. Dean is anti-Bush and pro-what?

Lieberman is the only decent candidate of the bunch.