Below is from the Burlington Free press on April 20. 2008. The hopeful sign is that our government in Montpelier is finally, if belatedly, recognizing that they should be focusing on important economic and fiscal issues, rather than dithering about minutiae and global issues over which they have little or no control.


Highlights of Gov. Jim Douglas' proposed economic stimulus package, which he released Saturday: $80 million in new bonding over five years for road and bridge repairs; $17.4 million in bonds purchased by the state retirement funds to help fund purchases of manufactured homes, downpayments, closing costs and repairs for first-time home buyers; a weekendlong sales-tax holiday at a cost of $1.9 million to the state; a weeklong sales-tax holiday on energy-efficient appliances at a cost of $100,000 to the state ; opportunity zones where employers could lease vacant industrial facilities tax-free; up to $10 million in economic tax credits for businesses that use environmentally friendly processes or create environmentally friendly technology; $18 million in low-interest loans for business expansion and creation; payroll tax credits for manufacturers in areas of the state with the highest unemployment; increased sales of timber from state land to help Vermont's wood-products industry; toll-free advice at 888-568-4547 for Vermonters who face foreclosure and help in negotiating a 60-day grace period with lenders.