December 8, 2010

Note to Representative Peter Welch

Representative Welch,
     Thanks for highlighting the crippling deficits and debt in your recent town meeting.
     While citizens, the media and most politicians prefer to blame Presidents for over-spending and creating deficits, the deficit problem falls squarely in the lap of Congress.
Congress has the Constitutional authority and responsibility for authorizing spending and funding the operations of government. In that light, Congress has the final accountability for this problem and MUST reign in spending.
     Profligacy with taxpayer dollars and the trillions in debt that has been created is a failure of Congress and its leadership over many years.  The chickens have now come home to roost.
    The best place to start is with the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction proposal. You should immediately embrace the elements of that proposal rather than engage in a partisan fight about it. If your politics prevent that, then you signal that your ideology is more important than the fiscal health of the United States. I expect better from Vermont's lone Representative.
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