February 24, 2011

New Rules for New Technology - NYTimes.com

   I have not yet read the FCC proposal to subsidize broadband deployment in hard-to-serve areas, but the policy shift to use revised rules of the Universal Service Fund to support broadband deployment makes sense in today's technology environment.
   This will not be an easy approval process because of the very high cost areas of the country often served by small companies. These companies are heavily reliant on the transfer of funds to remain viable in today's environment. Some accommodation will be required to keep them in business and/or to continue POTS service to these costly customers.
   But broadband is the service that must be promoted for people to access the Internet and all the benefits it brings.

"The proposal from the Federal Communications Commission to stop subsidizing rural phone lines and start subsidizing rural broadband connections is long overdue. Right now an estimated 14 million to 28 million Americans have no way of getting access to the Internet."
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