March 16, 2011

Economy, Gas, Partisanship and War Gang Up on Confidence in Governmen

"Confidence in the U.S. system of government has dropped to a new low in more than 35 years, with public attitudes burdened by continued economic discontent, soaring gasoline prices, record opposition to the war in Afghanistan -- and a letdown in hopes for political progress after a bout of bipartisanship last fall."

Gee whiz, no surprise in the results this ABC poll. Politicians have been promising more than they can deliver for dozens of years as they pander to the citizenry for votes and power. Now, the economy has lost faith in the government's ability to 'fix' anything. Unrealistic expectations of what government can and should do have overtaken personal independence, accountability and reduced market vibrancy. We have allowed a culture of dependency to saturate our thinking.

This results in extreme political  demagogues, such as Vermont's own Bernie Sanders, calling for massive redistribution of wealth, a task that government, if allowed to do so, is very good at. Folks of common sense see Government more as the problem rather than the solution. Now we are at the day of reckoning and very difficult time lies ahead.
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