December 16, 2011

Amazon: We're selling over 1 million Kindles per week | Nanotech - The Circuits Blog - CNET News

Amazon seems to have struck a sweet spot with consumers, leading to rumors that Apple will launch a similar sized tablet sometime next year. I have a Kindle Fire and it performs as advertised. I can do what I want with it as long as I'm tolerant of its quirks. It's not fat finger friendly, but tolerable.

I don't regret shelling out the 200 bucks for it. It's quick, quirky and easy to use. Could it be improved? Of course, but at what price?

Amazon has a winner here.

 ""For the third week in a row, customers are purchasing well over 1 million Kindle devices per week, and Kindle Fire remains the #1 bestselling, most gifted, and most wished for product across the millions of items available on since its introduction 11 weeks ago," the company said."

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