January 20, 2013

So Long, Lance. Here Comes 21st-Century Doping. - NYTimes.com

It's clear to me that doping in sports cannot be stopped because the advances in technology and the extreme competitiveness of the best athletes insures that they will find ways to enhance their performance. There is so much money in sports as entertainment and advertising that the urge to participate in doping will defy any ethics constraints.

Dr. Miah's solution may be the most practical. I would watch the  the non-doped contests if I could be sure they were legitimate. How could that be proved, I wonder?
So Long, Lance. Here Comes 21st-Century Doping. - NYTimes.com: "Dr. Miah of the University of the West of Scotland and others have proposed holding enhanced sports contests, including an enhanced Olympics. “If the goal is to protect health, then medically supervised doping is likely to be a better route,” Dr. Miah told the journal Nature. “If athletes want to use these substances, they should be up front about it and compete just against each other,” said Dr. Linn Goldberg, a sports medicine doctor and researcher at the Oregon Health and Science University.
The question would then become: which version of sports would you watch — the natural or the enhanced?"

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