April 17, 2007

NY Times Nonsense

This editorial about the tragic VA Tech shootings is off the mark. As we've come to expect from the Times, they think guns kill people. No, people kill people. Nevertheless, expect a big push for gun control.

The other nonsense in this terrible event is the criticism that by some magic, the police should have immediately 'locked down' a 2,600 acre campus with hundreds of buildings. Most of the mainstream media has joined in this foolish 'lockdown' tirade. It can't be done. Consider locking down a city of 25,000 between 7:15 and 9:00 am after a double murder. It can't be done. The criticism is unwarranted, but the media believes they must find something to criticize the authorities when bad things happen. The media live in Lala land where they think the government can protect people from everything as this editorial states.
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