April 15, 2007

What Passes for Journalism

An email sent to a friend

You know me, Jane. I'd read this...and I did. Now what do I do? Write, I guess.

I have little faith that the media present the facts and stories they should. I believe most of it (video, at least) IS infotainment. How else to explain the fixation with Anna Nicole Smith, Imus, and any number of pop culture subjects that matter little in comparison to the really important issues that face us (On TV those issue usually scroll by at the bottom of the screen on the cable news shows). I suppose people feel powerless to influence the big issues, but they can relate to the humanness of celebrities.

All broadcast media has a bias. The honest ones admit what it is. Those that say they are unbiased are full of shit.

Because I distrust of the media is one reason I write a blog. It forces me to think and write and ponder various issues that I read about or see on TV/Internet.

We have to remember that TV is primarily entertainment. The Internet is a better source of information because it has more contributors (The piece barely mentioned the Internet other than Google search.)

The piece leans toward "A Great Conspiracy Theory" I don't buy that because Man is too diverse to be able to manipulate us for decades. Certainly, I'd agree that man has an evil heart, not good as many believe. If good, why have we had war continuously someplace on this planet for the last 4,000 years, as those who study such things have recently stated?
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