January 28, 2010

Tablet computing: The book of Jobs | The Economist

Tablet computing: The book of Jobs | The Economist

The Economist's take on the iPad's likelihood to assist media that are in deep fininacial trouble is on the mark. It will not save some and will will help others. The NY Times which already has announced it intends to charge for electronic content will climb on board and likely gain some financial advantage. VP Niesenholz participated in the iPad kickoff event yesterday.

I think I'll reserve judgment on the possible success of the iPad until after it's launch. It's missing a few important features:

  • no multitasking
  • no Flash support
  • no USB port
  • no SD slot
...for starters.

More shortcomings described here and here. Microsoft can't be sitting on their hands in this space. My guess is they have something up their sleeve. Watch for it.
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