January 25, 2010

White House Toughens Tone After Difficult Week - WSJ.com

White House Toughens Tone After Difficult Week - WSJ.com

We have a commission, a committee, a blue ribbon panel for nearly everything these days it seems, a sign that Congressmen and women simply cannot be trusted to control the course of the country by making decisions to control spending. Their answer is to pay for people who have helped create the problem to serve on a commission to solve it. What nonsense!

Frankly, I'm tired of it. Debt control is simply not agreeing to spend more than revenues can support. Call me simplistic, if you'd like, but if you have another answer, let me know. Meanwhile, we'll spend money to learn what we already know...spending is out of control and TeamObama has no plan to solve it. Neither did Bush, but TeamObama has increased the debt by trillions in only a year!

"Concurrently, a group of retired senators on Monday plans to announce that former Republican Senate Budget Committee Chairman Pete Domenici and Alice Rivlin, a top Democratic economist, will spearhead a yearlong effort to devise a plan to slash the federal debt. Unlike many other studies, the Domenici-Rivlin panel will put forward a detailed blueprint for the country's future solvency.

That could help the presidential panel win political support as well. The Domenici-Rivlin panel is backed by former Republican Sens. Robert Dole and Howard Baker, and Democrat Tom Daschle."

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