March 6, 2010

Government Workers Cannot Expect Job Security in a Sick Economy

Not all government jobs contribute to a healthy economy. Yet, most government employees do provide valuable essential services. We accept that certain functions of government are necessary to a healthy, vibrant society. Nevertheless, we should vigorously debate the degree of funding for government functions (protection and policing, education, transportation, courts, the justice system, et al).

Always, but especially in times of economic stress, we must closely examine the fundamental role of government in a free society. Career politicians are usually incapable and unwilling to do this, their rhetoric notwithstanding, because they desire to continue or enhance their careers by pandering to their constituencies. People in the private sector more realistically understand the pain in a faltering economy and adjust more quickly.

Those folks who choose government service or depend on government largess for their livelihood are subject to the vagaries of both the private sector economy and the will of the taxpayers and voters. In this unhealthy economy they can no longer expect a guarantee of job security. Some seem to be adjusting to this reality by accepting pay freezes and cuts. That's an encouraging sign.

Unless the Vermont Legislature chooses to deficit-spend (God forbid!), their budget cuts to eliminate the $150 Million gap WILL eliminate jobs. We should encourage legislators to cut expenditures intelligently, examining the services that government should sustainably provide over the long term.

We must also encourage Legislators that raising taxes is a VERY bad idea. Let's hope they'll listen.
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