March 23, 2010

We Have Met the Enemy and He is ...

Should I buy a Droid or not? I sometimes think I read too much. Well maybe not too much, but with excessive diversity. In any event, my recent 'try to keep up with PCs and technology' reading found this. (Credits to Steve Fox at PC World).

If you're like me, frequently dithering when deciding when and what to buy in the technology domain, Steve Fox at PC World quotes Patrick Noonan, a professor at Emory University, explaining our dilemma:

"Our brains work nothing at all like our computers do. To the extent that humans have an operating system, it's simply a heuristic engine shaped entirely by survival rules on the savannah, which is why all modern life tends to be perplexing and usually beyond our competence. We were shaped in an environment that didn't change much from century to century. And now a product life cycle lasts what...a month or two. We are seriously outmatched by the world we have created!"
Should I buy a Droid, a Nexus One, or wait for something better?
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