April 4, 2010

Paris April 4, 2010

Today, Easter Sunday, again was cold and windy. After a really nice meal at a French restaurant last night about a five minute walk from our hotel, we slept well and perhaps a bit too long. After a petit dejeuner we decide to walk to the Louvre, about 20 minutes from the hotel. Without exaggerating the line waiting to enter was at least 1/2 mile long!

Instead we hopped a open-to-the sky tour bus with a day pass that allowed us to ride most of the city. It was freezing cold and windy up top, so we decided to get off at the Eiffel Tower. Vahan was feeling sickly so he decided to walk back to the hotel from Hotel des Invalides, the next stop on the route.

I got off a couple of stops later and walked to the Grand and Petit Palais, then to the Place Concorde and on to Madeline. I hopped on the bus again and rode to Notre Dame. Lots of people there, too. The cold and showery weather did not dismay the walking Parisiens and the many tourists. I decided not to hop the bus again because I wanted to be back at the hotel by about 5:00 pm.

The streets are all well marked and the handy maps make it easy to find the way. I figured it about an hour walk back to the hotel so set out because the sun had begun to break through. I wound my way back via the Latin quarter through narrow alleys jammed with people and eateries. Boulevard St. Germain, Rue du Bac, Rue Varenne and back to Rue Vaneau by 5:00.

Vahan’s feeling a bit better so we’ll probably eat again at the same restaurant, Le Petit Lutetia Bar/ Brasserie Restaurant (107 Rue de Sevres) as last night.

--Just returned from supper at same place. Really good food. Vahan had duck confit and I had a sausage and bean creation followed by creme brulee....yum!

We'll get up early tomorrow to get in line early at the Louvre...hopefully!

We leave tomorrow night at 11:00 pm for Dubai.

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