April 3, 2010


All flights OK and on time. Took train from Charles Degaulle to Paris then metro to hotel. Very efficient and smooth. Stopped for breakfast in Montparnasse, then walked to hotel. D'orsay Museum in the afternoon which is a 10minute walk from hotel. Hotel DeSuede is a nice quiet hotel centrally located.

After a flight-catch-up snooze, we took a cab to Champs Eleysses and walked around the Arc De Triomphe where a small military ceremony was underway, whether because it was Good Friday or something they do every Friday?

Then a short walk to the Lido, only 5 minutes from the Arc for dinner and the extravaganza show. The place was packed, the food so-so, but the show was really extraordinary,including marvelous costuming, dancing and staging. The show includes skating, a juggler, a clown and an acrobat. The show was well worth the price and a tourist attraction not to be missed.

Took Metro north to a flea market north of Sacre Coeur. Spent morning at flea/antique/art market. This is huge! Mixed ethnic groups in this neighborhood. Walked south to Sacre Coeur, visited the basilica. Lots of people in Montmarte even with the occasional rain showers. From there we walked to Galleries Lafayette...a massive and beautiful indoor shopping galleria of 6 or more floors with a beautiful domed roof.

Walked to opera house and the sun finally came out.

Metro back to hotel and the last 1/2 mile we walked in the rain again. April showers!!

My feet hurt!!

We'll eat close to the hotel tonight in an Italian restaurant just down the street.
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