June 11, 2010

The future of AT&T: Of atrophying flesh and phones | The Economist

The future of AT&T: Of atrophying flesh and phones | The Economist:

Verizon will not fare much better. They will be earlier in the game than ATT with a 4G network, but the inertia of 3G will restrain customers from the new network unless they can deliver blockbuster devices and comparable prices to 3G. Maybe they'll have a fire sale on 3G to encourage deployment of all sorts of monitoring/measuring devices. As I understand it, initially new 4G phones will use 3G for voice and 4G for data.
"Hence the persistent speculation that AT&T’s boss, Randall Stephenson, may launch a bid for DirecTV, an American satellite broadcaster, to give his firm yet another means of entry to people’s homes. AT&T may also be tempted to buy a bigger foothold in fast-growing emerging markets. This week it denied rumours that it was in talks to buy a minority stake in India’s Reliance Communications. Finding the right partners abroad will be devilishly hard. But given the flesh-eaters stalking the American market, Mr Stephenson must be making plenty of calls."
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