June 24, 2010

Op-Ed Columnist - What’s Second Prize? - NYTimes.com

Op-Ed Columnist (Friedman)- What’s Second Prize? - NYTimes.com

Thomas Friedman seems to be in Joe Biden's camp in opposing the Afghan 'surge.' This opinion piece can't be pleasing to TeamObama. Perhaps the recent announcement of "$trillions in natural resources" will change the equation for NATO and the West.

Democracy in Afghanistan seems an oxymoron, given its warlord history. This will be a long, brutal fight. Will TeamObama and Congress have the staying power for it? Perhpas, in the long run, Pakistan is the larger terrorist threat, although the borders between the two countries may as well not exist.

Afghanistan is not Iraq which had a high literacy rate and a reasonably strong secular society. It certainly wasn't a democracy
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