August 13, 2010

Pew Research - 21 % of Americans Don't Use Internet

Twenty-one percent of Americans do not use the Internet. We live in an 80/20 world in so many ways. Yet, over time Internet usage will rival POTS household penetration (mid/upper 90 % range). Soon, too, I think.

 TechCrunch states:

"...This isn’t just people who do not use broadband (which is 66 percent of American adults). It also includes people who don’t use dial-up (another 5 percent). These people don’t use the Internet at all. That is like not using the telephone.
The number is a bit inflated because a third (34 percent) of these self-described non-users live in a house with Internet access or have family members who use the Internet regularly. They just don’t think the information on the Internet is relevant to their lives (48 percent), are uncomfortable with computers (60 percent), and are not interested in getting online (90 percent)."
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