October 30, 2010

The Next Two Years - NYTimes.com

The Next Two Years - NYTimes.com:

David Brooks attempts to give advice to President Obama for the next two yewars to repair his sorrowful Presidency. His advice is good, but I fear TeamObama will not embrace it because they are ideologically and politically driven to foster government as the solution rather than the individual and do not embrace the idea or American exceptionalism.

For example, I doubt they understand or will respond to Brooks' third suggestion because their primary political base expects government largess and redistribution of wealth.

"Third, Obama will need to respond to the nation’s fear of decline. The current sour mood is not just caused by high unemployment. It emerges from the fear that America’s best days are behind it. The public’s real anxiety is about values, not economics: the gnawing sense that Americans have become debt-addicted and self-indulgent; the sense that government undermines individual responsibility; the observation that people who work hard get shafted while people who play influence games get the gravy. Obama will have to propose policies that re-establish the link between effort and reward."
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