November 2, 2010

Voters will live with choices

Schubart: Voters will live with choices

Bill takes a measured, sane approach to guiding Vermonters in the parameters of our vote today. Although Vermont may be conservative in the sense that Bill defines it, politically Vermont is far too left-leaning.

The role of government in Vermont has become unbalanced because people have been led too far down a road of dependency rather than self-reliance. The result is pervasive government that has become overbearing when candled against the true conservative values of Freedom and Unity.

Bill is absolutely correct is his assessment about 'simplistic promises' without an 'implementation strategy and some assessment of intended and unintended consequences.'

Political spin by would-be leaders and vague ideological promises are a recipe for expensive, disappointing and ineffective government. But we deserve what we get when we fall for hype and marketing in place of common sense.
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