November 10, 2011

Google Buys Contextual Rich News Browsing Startup Apture To Beef Up Chrome | TechCrunch

My blog incorporates Apture. Highlight a word or phrase and Apture will enable you to click on other media sources to increase the richness of the content. It's a really robust service. Google is wise to buy them and incorporate their technology.

 "Apture Highlights allows you to highlight any word or phrase on a page and instantly bring up search results in a window. The startup brings results from 60-plus sources including YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google and more for extra context around content. The browser add-on is available for Chrome, Firefox and Apple’s Safari browsers. In fact, more than a billion pages a month are enhanced with Apture, says Harris.
Apture’s business model also offered publishers a white-label version of Apture Highlights, which is being used by Scribd, The Financial Times, Reuters,, ScientificAmerican,, and Times of India. Publisher simply insert a line of Javascript code, and readers can then access an HTML-based overlay that acts like a minitiature browser that enables readers to find and explore related multimedia content without leaving the original page"

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