November 10, 2011

Taking Aim at Internet Rules -

The New York Times supports more regulation of the Internet pathways that are provided by private companies. Thankfully, they are not owned by the Government. These are not monopolies and the heavy hand of regulation is not needed. The term  'telecommunications services' that they argue includes the Internet is an artifact of a bygone age when voice communications were essentially a monopoly, thus needed regulation.
To bring back this anachronism and support regulation of the Internet is an unnecessary impediment. Should I be surprised given that the NY Times essentially has become a mouthpiece for TeamObama?
 "The Republican approach goes back to 2002, when the F.C.C., under the Bush administration, made the bizarre decision that broadband Internet communications were not, in fact, telecommunication services under the law. Last year, the F.C.C. had the opportunity to redefine broadband as a telecommunications service, which would allow greater regulatory oversight. Regrettably, it chose not to, and instead passed a limited set of rules that did not ban the practice of paying to move content faster and largely exempted wireless broadband services."

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