March 6, 2013

The Professors’ Big Stage -

How we educate ourselves is changing rapidly at the same time that so many colleges University of Vermont included, have spent substantially on bricks and mortar. Will those schools without massive endowments survive this new paradigm?
What will it mean for K-12 learning which has also become unsustainably costly and weighs heavily on taxpayers in Vermont and elsewhere?
The Professors’ Big Stage - "The world only cares, and will only pay for, what you can do with what you know. And therefore it will not pay for a C+ in chemistry, just because your state college considers that a passing grade and was willing to give you a diploma that says so. We’re moving to a more competency-based world where there will be less interest in how you acquired the competency — in an online course, at a four-year-college or in a company-administered class — and more demand to prove that you mastered the competency."

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