March 23, 2013

Tight Deadlines and Lagging Funds Bedevil Obama Health Care -

Read this NYTimes story and you will see that ObamaCare is a slow motion trainwreck and the wheels are about to come off the tracks. There's no way this can be successfully implemented on the present schedule. I'll bet a dollar to a donut (maple flavored, of course) that the schedule will be extended. When more people are opposed than favor ObamaCare, you must believe we have a serious problem.

This is shaping up as a bureaucratic nightmare destined to fall/fail of its own weight and lack of sufficient support from the American people.

The supporters make a case that ObamaCare would control health care costs. Perhaps in the very long term, but not without rationing of care and global budgeting that would force systemic changes.

There are four payers of healthcare costs, the government, private insurers, self insured companies,and individual people. Unless costs are controlled for all of these payers, rather than shifted among them, reform will be a failure.

Tight Deadlines and Lagging Funds Bedevil Obama Health Care -

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