October 14, 2004

FCC Complaint - Big Brother on CBS - Parents Television Council

I heartily support getting this filth off TV and radio, but here's the problem. The broadcast TV and radio networks are under stricter rules about indecency than the satellite providers, the CATV channels and the Internet. These three sources of information and filth do not fall under the FCC's legal ability to regulate or levy fines because they do not use the U.S. public airwaves (transmit frequencies). I believe what we will see is a migration of even more filth and indecency away from broadcast frequencies to the other transmission media, just as Howard Stern has decided to move to satellite radio away from terrestrial radio to avoid the FCC problems.

I'm afraid the fight against indecency is a losing cause because so many people want porn and 'edge' programming and there are so many ways to get it these days in a free society. This is a downside facet of "Freedom isn't Free"
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