March 17, 2007

GrandCentral One Number Service - D. Pogue

An intriguing new service described by David Pogue at the NY Times really is 'brain-slamming.' The notion radically changes how you think about voice telephone services. With an intriguing set of features, this company proposes do disintermediate the various companies that you now use.
Two questions surface: 1./How much is one willing to invest in managing the myriad features of GrandCentral compared to managing the status quo? 2./What's the long term viability of a startup company and would you be willing to invest all your voice telephony "assets" in a startup?

"Still, you may be forgiven for feeling that GrandCentral’s central idea — a virtual phone number that’s not associated with a particular telephone — is too much of a radical brain-slamming change. You may also feel that the last thing your life needs is more phone calls reaching you successfully.

But anyone who spends some time contemplating GrandCentral’s possibilities will soon see the bigger picture: this service removes your location as a consideration in phone calling, much the same way that the TiVo makes a TV show’s broadcast time unimportant. In other words, GrandCentral has rewritten the rules in the game of telephone."

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