March 22, 2007

Politicizing Science

This blogger, Rick Moran, takes to task the politicizing of science and is well worth the read. This tactic has bothered me from the beginning of the debate about global warming. Politicizing science for their own purposes is probably unavoidable for politicians, but reputable scientists who engage in it should be chastised. Unfortunately, people are likely to be misled in these matters by their political leaders because the agenda is so far reaching. Most people have no understanding of science, so they look to those they believe in for for what they should believe.

"I doubt very much whether the collision of science and politics can be
avoided when it comes to global warming – not when the solutions called for by
advocates involve hundreds of billions of dollars in tax money and threaten the
existence of some industries. But surely efforts can be made by both sides to
lessen the impact of politics in formulating policy based on science. If not, I
fear we face a future where the credibility of all science is called into
question by the people footing the bill much to the detriment of both science
and society at large."
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