June 13, 2007

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Gaza gun battles rage on unabated

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Gaza gun battles rage on unabated

The situation is Gaza seems to be tilting toward an Hamas victory. Strange that the winner of the election in January also deems it necessary to wage war, or is it Fatah that lost the election that sarted the fighting and is now losing.

Israel wisely decided to leave Gaza in 2005 and says it will not intervene in the civil war. Hamas is committed to Israel's eradication by violent means. As long as that is true, there will be no peace. It's a sad day for the Palestinian people who wish to get on with their lives. Here's a brief BBC summary of Hamas and Fatah.

It seems the Arab world is powerless to remedy this situation. All they seem capable of doing is providing arms and $. Meanwhile, the rest of the world finds itself able incapable of much more than hand wringing.

Yesterday, NPR's Fresh Air interviewed Dennis Ross, former lead negotiator in both the Clinton and George H. W. Bush administrations. He was articulate but seemed to offer nothing more than ivory tower rhetoric. He says the Palestinians must develop a 'culture of accountability' and not see themselves as victims. Yeah, well, the spiritual underpinnings of this millennial conflict between the Jews and their enemies is at the heart of this conflict, and rational thinking does not prevail among terrorists.

Peace-making and negotiations only keep the fires simmering where now they are raging. Because Hamas leaders and fighters are radical Islamists seeking to turn back the clock to a medieval era and eliminate Israel, the only way to prevent their dominance is to kill them, as we fight radical Islam terrorists elsewhere.
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