June 6, 2007

Photo Sharing Even the Folks Can Handle - New York Times

This is a concise and helpful summary of the various Web photo sharing and print sites... useful information. I use Shutterfly, PicasaWeb, Photobucket and Flickr depending on the purpose.

I find Photobucket particularly friendly when creating web pages for eBay and avoiding eBay photo charges. Flickr is useful to share Wooliedales with felting groups and Shutterfly is easy for enabling people to view photos in a slide show and to order prints of photos I post, if they choose.

PicasaWeb is very easy to use and with the PC based software, editing is simple and people can be permitted to download photos if they choose. The one thing I'm not supportive of is Picasa's inability to make permanent changes to photos (Picasa seems to store changes in a proprietary file and manipulate the original photo when it's displayed rather than making permanent changes in the photo). I use Paint Shop Pro, now Corel Paintshop, for all the fine tuning, as well as Paint Shop Pro Album for quick editing, framing effects and an easy way to insert text in the photo.

Inserting photos into blogs is easy either by uploading them or linking to them form another site, e.g, Photobucket.
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