June 30, 2007

Immigration Bill Failure

NumbersUSA Senate Immigration Overhaul Fails

I agree that the failure of the immigration bill in the Senate is a good thing (it was much too complex to have ever been implemented), but the problem remains to be fixed. If the flow of illegal aliens across the borders, particularly the southern border, is not halted (the estimate is that nearly 1/2 million come annually) we have accomplished little in terms of the big picture. The pressure must remain to secure the borders, but does anyone think that the Bush administration or the Democrat leadership in the Congress will do anything to accomplish that now that their 'comprehensive' attempt failed? What they should do if they are really listening is insist that the present laws are followed and provide the necessary resources to do so.

What I think we'll see is many cities and towns enact laws to make it tough for illegals to be there and for employers to hire them. This will lead to court challenges, but the likely results will be that the Feds have jurisdiction, not the locals, and the Feds are not funded or equipped to deal with thousands of illegals that locals might choose to turn over to them.

What needs to happen now is for serious funding, yes, maybe more fences, to keep out illegals. Dealing with those already here is a problem that I don't see any practical solution to at this time. Do you?

Nevertheless, here's one relatively simple proposal
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