December 10, 2009

Vermont Yankee Should Be Relicensed

This excerpt is from an editorial by Emerson Lynn, publisher of the St. Albans Messenger, which has appeared in his newspaper and at Vermont Tiger. We at VEH endorse his view.

Candidates whose rhetoric panders to 'green' constituencies should be pressed to explain why higher energy costs are good for Vermont's economy. The stark reality is that Vermont Yankee nuclear generated electricity is a very good deal for the state, particularly the beneficial revenue sharing agreement that would run until 2022, if VY is relicensed.

The appeal to 'feel-good' emotions that some people harbor about doing 'something' about global warming is a transparent attempt to solicit votes. The truth is that Vermont Yankee relicensing with fair pricing is the best deal for Vermont, providing both low energy costs and maintaining a minimal carbon footprint.

"...Vermont needs an energy portfolio that includes a robust mix of renewable
energy sources. We also need to continue our focus on conservation. But we also need to be honest about what can be accomplished, and at what costs. Even the advocates understand that Vermont does not currently have the potential to meet its energy needs through renewable energy projects dotted across the state. And they also understand that the price of renewables is considerably above that of Vermont Yankee and Hydro Quebec.

Our gubernatorial wannabes should work from this understanding as well. To shrink from this challenge cheats the debate. It also works in direct contradiction to what is going on in the rest of the world. It’s odd that five Democrats from the liberal state of Vermont are actually pushing – by default – a position that would increase the level of emissions the rest of the world wants to curb."

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