October 17, 2011

Default Choices Are Hard to Resist, Online or Not - NYTimes.com

I use both the Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. Just for the hell of it, I set Google as the default search engine on IE and Bing as the default on Chrome. I find both are excellent.

I guess it's just not in my psyche to be defaulted.

I wonder if there's a correlation for those that accept the 'system' defaults and not voting in elections?

"...Most economists agree that Google’s default deals aren’t anticompetitive. Rivals like Bing, the general search engine from Microsoft, and partial competitors like Yelp, an online review and listing service for local businesses, have their own Web sites and other paths of distribution. Choice, in theory, is one click away.

But most people, of course, never make that single click. Defaults win..."

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