October 22, 2011

The GOP Wins by Bruising - WSJ.com

Peggy Noonan's take on the OWS folks. Henninger's opinion is similar. Without commenting on the gatherings in other places in the U.S., my impression of the Zuccotti Plaza group matches Noonan's. These protesters are unhappy and disorganized but only as relevant as the media circus makes them.

"...They are not funneling their energy into the democratic process because there is no market for what they are selling: Capitalism should be overturned, I am angry that my college loan bills are so big, the government is bad, and the answer is more government. You can't win elections in America with that kind of message. So they will stay in the streets, where they can have an impact by stopping traffic, inconveniencing people going to and coming from work, and appearing to be an amorphous force that must be bowed to.
The difference between the occupiers and the tea party is the difference between acting out and taking part...."

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