February 5, 2012

Be everywhere: Google’s real social strategy | ZDNet

A well-reasoned take on why Google+ will continue to grow and thrive, a view I share. While Facebook may be today's social media leader with ~850 million users, Google has deep penetration in so many key areas that its ecosystem can drive long term adoption and use of Google+. Of course, the battle is really about where people will spend their time online whether from smartphones, tablets or PCs.

I admit to being a Google junkie because I find so much value in the plethora of services offered. While I have accounts on all the major social media sites, I spend far more time 'with Google' than with all the others combined.

"...All of this is not to say that you should abandon Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn for Google+. Google+ is not a Facebook-slayer, at least not in its current iteration. At the same time, however, Google has such a dominant footprint in key distribution channels such as search, browser, email, mobile, TV and video, that it cannot be ignored. For brands and authors, in particular, the incentives are simply too great to pass up."

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