February 10, 2012

Is Google Hard At Work On New Home Entertainment System? | TechCrunch

Google intends to adopt the Apple business model of controlling both hardware and software and compete with them head-on. Why else are they buying Motorola? The next 3 years in home networking and entertainment will be massively raucous.

I wonder how the Koreans and Japanese will fare in competing with both Google and Apple in the living room?

Hmmm, one more 'box' to add to my stack of devices servicing my TV screen...and a whole lot more it seems. Comcast, my cable and Internet service provider, can't be happy. Wonder if it will include a traditional WiFi LAN router?

"...According to WSJ’s sources, the device in development is a “home entertainment system” that can wirelessly stream music throughout users’ homes. Google has attempted to make inroads into the living room before with initiatives like Google TV, but this would mark the first time the search giant would be developing and selling products under their own name rather than relying on external hardware vendors..."

The NY Times reports on this move by Google:

"...Last November, Google introduced its own streaming music service to compete with Apple and Amazon in the wars for digital media. The service lets users access music from various Internet connected devices. By manufacturing its own device, Google can tether those listeners back to its own product.
Google’s larger goal, a person closely tied to the project said, was to connect everything in the home to the Internet, including light bulbs, speakers and TV sets. Google unveiled a “conceptual” version of a multi-purpose device last year at a developer conference..."

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