February 10, 2012

Google's Rumored Cloud Drive

This is a pleasant rumor. When i first rumbled in 2007, I felt certain Google would then offer a cloud storage service. It seems only natural. Google already offers a vast amount of free cloud storage as part of its various services like Gmail (8 Gbytes), Picasa (2 Gbytes) and Docs (at least 1 Gbyte, but unlimited for documents created there), YouTube, Music, Google+, etc. I have not pushed up against the limits, in these services individually, but if I did I could buy more at very cheap rates.

I'm guessing the new service will somehow combine all this existing storage into one 'master' storage account and make it easier for Google customers to access their various pieces for download to any supported device.
"Google has been rumored to be releasing a“G-Drive” in the past, and in SeptemberTechCrunch reported that the company was closing in on launching the service after initially killing the idea in 2008.Google Drive will not just compete against startups like Dropbox and SugarSync. Presumably, its ability to integrate its services with the Google Drive will also make it a prime competitor with rivals such as Amazon and Microsoft for storing users’ files.The Google cloud locker would likely work with Google Docs, which already lets users share a variety of document and music files with each other, and would sync across computers and mobile devices."
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