September 28, 2004

BFP Editorial on Vermont's Auditor of Accounts

Elizabeth Ready is apparently dishonest in having claimed educational credentials that she does not have. Not once, but repetitively, in various state directories she has misrepresented her education. This dishonesty follows another episode a couple of years ago when she used state billing for personal cell phone calls. Given two situations where the facts are clear, she again offers excuses that her personal life was so busy she overlooked these details. Nonsense! I think she's a phony, untrustworthy and unfit for State Auditor.

Nevertheless, today's Burlington Free Press editorial (note: this link is not permanent because the BFP does not archive news and editorial content online indefinitely) gives her a pass by not condemning her actions in the face of straightforward evidence. The editorial merely states the facts, a reporter's job, but does not opine against Ready's dishonesty. Instead, the editorial states that the electorate should decide in November. That we will, but this stance shows lack of backbone at the Free Press! Is this because the Freep's new editorial writer, a former aide to Governor Howard Dean and more recently his campaign for President, is a Democratic operative who can't bring herself to chastise Ready, a fellow Democrat?? Does the Freep think it's too soon to endorse Brock by opposing Ready?

Randy Brock, a highly qualified, experienced candidate with a BA from Middlebury and an MA from Yale should be elected Auditor in November.
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