September 8, 2004

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Campaign finance reform is a sham, enacted to make Americans think things are different and that BIG money won't influence politics as much as it did before the law was passed.

I thinkMcCain-Feingold violates the First Amendment, if not technically, then in least how it's administered or not enforced. In reality people are constrained how they may give $, while no limits are placed on the gifts, only the receiving groups have changed. Other channels are used...the so-called 527 groups and others closely associated. I've heard McCain say that the Federal election Commission is not enforcing the law. Better not to have passed it, I think

Now we have political operatives moving between various support groups and the campaigns, all apparently perfectly legal (enforcement?). This destroys confidence in the system.
"Advocacy Groups And Campaigns: An Uneasy Shuttle: "...But the free flow of personnel between the campaigns, the groups and the political parties is alarming advocates who fought for tighter campaign finance restrictions and who say it is undermining the rules - or perhaps even breaking them.

Representative Christopher Shays, Republican of Connecticut and a primary sponsor of the new finance law, said: 'This smells - it smells real bad. It shouldn't be happening.' Mr. Shays added: 'There shouldn't be all this back-and-forth going on. It smacks of coordination and there's no good reason for it.'"

I agree!!
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