September 13, 2004

The CBS Conundrum - Washington Post

A good summary of the events leading to CBS' story based on documents that may be forged that has caused such a furor. Unfortunately for Kerry, these distracting events take attention form the issues in the campaign that Kerry would like to focus on. But he has only himself and his team to blame for focusing so intensely on his own Viet Nam war record.

If these documents are phony, someone has taken CBS for a ride. In any event, CBS still maintains their story is true and the documents are real.

They are losing tremendous credibility as a news source until and unless they can prove the documents are valid and how and where they gained possession of them.

Meanwhile, nearly everyone associated with Killian is telling the same story: the documents are fakes, thus CBS' story becomes less credible and Rather finds himself in a very tight bind.
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