October 19, 2009

VermontStatePriority.pdf (application/pdf Object)

VermontStatePriority.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Here is Tom Evslin's letter to the NTIA with recommendations for various proposals for use of federal stimulus funds (ARRA dollars) to expand or promote utilization of broadband in Vermont.

Many $ Millions will be required to deliver on Vermont's goal to serve all customers via broadband and cell service by the end of 2010.

Even if/when broadband is delivered to all Vermonters, the big question is what will be the uptake. I think that will be in the range of 80%, based on nothing more than my experience which shows that the world is an 80/20 place and most large scale activities and service involving people, at least in the early maturity stage, typically show 80% takers. I think this applies to broadband because the devices, knowledge and interest for people to take advantage of a broadband connection are not universal, even if the broadband access were provided.

It would be a few years after broadband were provided before the uptake exceeded 80%.
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