July 15, 2010

Cal Thomas Official Web Site - CAL THOMAS COMMENTARY JULY 15, 2010

Today's commentary by Cal Thomas published in the Burlington Free Press provides examples of a few governors' bold policies and actions to control/reduce their state government spending. Aggressive action is the proper course... policies that embrace fiscal discipline and the courage to enforce it is what's essential. This basic discipline is absent at the Federal level and not nearly aggressive enough in Vermont.

It's beyond time that Americans and Vermonters have a serious conversation about what we should expect from government rather than be lulled by spendthrift politicians that government can be our keeper and provider of all good things.

The mood of the country, but less so in Vermont, is leaning in that direction. Latest polls show that Americans have become disenchanted with TeamObama's promises of change that are creating excessive spending and an overbearing government and failing to deliver on the rhetoric.

The November elections will provide a voice for the growing frustration with politicians who promise and spend, but all too often fail to improve the condition of the citizenry.  People want a decent job and a decent living. They should look to the the private sector and not government to meet those expectations.
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