July 30, 2010

What? Is the Catastophe in The Gulf Overblown?

The first inkling I heard of this possibility that the Gulf oil leak from Deepwater Horizon was that some oil spill cleanup workers would be laid off because there was no work for them. This Time story suggests that things are not nearly as bad as they have been made out to be by the catastrophe-driven TV talking heads and TeamObama.

They cite these reasons why things may not be as bad as we have been led to believe:

"...four basic reasons the initial eco-fears seem overblown.

First, the Deepwater oil, unlike the black glop from the Valdez, is unusually light and degradable, which is why the slick in the Gulf is dissolving surprisingly rapidly now that the gusher has been capped.

Second, the Gulf of Mexico, unlike Alaska's Prince William Sound, is very warm, which has helped bacteria break down the oil.

Third, heavy flows of Mississippi River water have helped keep the oil away from the coast, where it can do much more damage.

And finally, Mother Nature can be incredibly resilient."
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