July 2, 2010

Google Voice Primer from CNET

Google Voice newbies, start here | Webware - CNET

Now that Google has opened Voice to everyone, link above is a good primer for getting started, in addition to all th e information provided by Google... And at least for now, it's tough to argue against not taking a convenient service that's free...at least for now. My guess is Google will find a way to monetize new features and attempt to penetrate business telecom.

Certainly Google will offer more Voice features and services in the future so now's the time to get a new number or use Voice to manage your voice mail with your existing number. Overseas calls are very inexpensive and U.S. calls are free, so there's a opportunity to save a few bucks, too.

I set my Google Voice number to ring both both my cell and home phones. While the automatic transcription accuracy of voice to text leaves a lot to be desired, I can generally understand the gist of the message. It's handy to have a voice mail appear in GV as text and to receive an email notification that I have a voice message.
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