April 30, 2011

Day 2 RV Travel to Nashville, etc.

Day 2
Brrr. last night was cold... near freezing, today dawned bright and sunny as we headed to Niagara Falls a little after 8:00am. No traffic enroute and very few visitors at the Falls. Lucky us, the New York State park, the trolley bus that runs between the various venues began operation today. After a few photos, then a cup of coffee we walked out on the observation deck over the river for yet more.
Then to the Cave of the Winds and hundreds of seagulls on the American side...this is mating season...and because of more sun on this side, they congregate here so the eggs receive more warmth to hatch.

After a walk with the dogs in the park and a nice lunch in the RV we headed south on I-190 through Buffalo to rejoin I-90 west toward Cleveland. Little traffic so the driving was easy. In western New York  (Chautauqua County and others counties along the route) and  in the short stretch of I-90 in PA, close to Lake Erie are found miles and miles of vineyards, Stretching even into Ohio these hundreds of acres. I hadn’t realized this was such a prolific wine area in addition the the NY Finger Lakes region.

After a couple of pit stops we arrived at Parkside Church in Chagrin Falls, OH (south of Cleveland). We are ‘dry’ camping in the far corner of their vast parking lot (prearranged by Carol so the cops won’t chase us out!). 

We’ll attend Sunday services here and then head south tomorrow afternoon to spend the night a couple of hours closer to Nashville where we’ll visit friends.
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