April 2, 2011

Employers Testify Against Vermont Healthcare Reform Plan

    Dealer.com and IBM testify against the rush to single payer in Vermont to VT Senate Committee on Health Care. (Credits: TrueNorthReports for the video clip.)

    Vermont's Democrat-controlled Legislature and Gov. Shumlin are hell-bent on rushing to health care reform that runs a very high risk of failure to meet cost containment goals. Multi-state companies who self insure health care for employees will not pay twice nor will employees stand for reduced (yet-to-be-defined) benefits. Who knows if they will pass these extra costs on to their employees? They certainly will not choose to pay twice for Vermont employees.

    The state will be downright stupid to take an action that at great risk of driving multi-state employers and jobs from Vermont.

    If Vermont chooses to eventually exempt companies in this category, that will further reduce the number of people who will be enrolled, because Medicare eligible folks will apparently not participate. ShummyCare as presently envisaged in H.202 is a mirage with no guarantee of success in reducing costs or providing any significant quality improvement. Wat we can expect if this plan comes to reality is RATIONING of services.

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