April 20, 2011

Google, Itochu, Sumitomo buy into massive Oregon wind farm - SmartPlanet

Here's a serious industrial scale wind farm that makes sense compared to GMP's Lowell Mountain 'piddle power' (65 megawatts) project. This Oregon installation has a capacity [source GoogleShepherds Flat is currently under construction near windy Arlington, Ore., and when completed in 2012 will produce 845 MW of energy. That’s a lot of wind—enough to power more than 235,000 homes] greater than the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, when the wind blows, of course.

"The Shepherds Flat construction will occur in three phases. So far, turbine foundations are complete and electrical and road work is almost finished on the first phase, which provides 265 megawatts. The second phase, which covers 290 megawatts, is halfway finished on turbine foundation construction and road work. Construction is also underway on the third 290 megawatt phase. The project, which employs 400, includes erecting 338 turbines, developing 95 miles of roads and 167 miles of transmission lines."
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